Swingline Limited Edition Series 747 Rio Red Business Stapler (S7074736E)

Discover the stapling star of any office space Swingline´s 747 Business Full Strip desk stapler. Not only does it give you fun with its Rio red, evolved look and a contemporary touch to your desktop, but it also offers great reliability and productivity. Designed for business, the Rio red stapler is a colorful accent and high-performance tool that fits easily on a desktop or in a drawer.The Swingline 747 Business Full Strip desk stapler features the Workhouse 747 architecture for increased strength and amazing reliability you can count on. The all-metal construction delivers enhanced durability and holds up well against wear and tear for years.The Swingline 747 Business Full Strip desk stapler features a positive locking latch to ensure secure, precise and consistent stapling. It staples 2 to 20 sheets of 20 pound paper with the inner rail to provide jam-resistant stability and long-term stapling integrity.Besides simple paper stapling, the Swingline 747 Business Full Strip desk stapler added the functions of pinning and tacking, allowing you to easily staple papers or postcards to bulletin boards or hanging calendars.

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