OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S – Retail Packaging – Peony Pink/Gunmetal Grey

Ports are accessible and protected from dust and debris (view larger).
Defender Series
This is the case you need if you want to be careless, work in harsh conditions, are tough on technology, anticipate heavy use or are just plain clumsy. Enjoy your adventures, whatever they may be without worry of damaging your device along the way. This case is practically indestructible. Robust, 3-layer protection Built-in screen protector Port covers keep out dust, debris
Design begins with the device. Thorough evaluation of the iPhone and its functions are taken into account as we develop and refine. From initial concept designs to final product drawings, every aspect of the iPhone is given careful consideration to ensure we create the most usable and protective solution possible. Robust silicone – durable and absorbs impact force Built-in screen protector – simplifies installation, protects from scratches and is easy to clean Engineered design is inspired by the iPhone – ergonomics feel good and accommodate natural use Aesthetics – textures and styling in combination with high quality materials create an attractive protective solution

Included belt clip holster for extra convenience and protection (view larger).

All features are fully functional through the case (view larger).
Precision design ensures all features and functions are accessible with the case on. Port protection with complete access to all functions through case – blocks dust and debris from ports which lengthens the life of the device Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S – the case is a natural extension of the refined technical beauty of the device Easy installation – polycarbonate pieces lock together, silicone installs easily over polycarbonate and stays in place Screen protector fits flush and flat on the screen – protects from scratches and is barely noticeable
Ensures ideal usability and portability; additional features integrated to enhance the user experience. Included belt clip holster – provides added protection when phone is face-in. Clips on a belt or pocket or in a bag for handy carrying. Ideal usability with device – all features function fully with case on Highly portable – even between books in a backpack

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