Northwest Indiana we can remove Windows 8 from your new computer and install Windows 7 on it. Even if you have been told that your computer is not down gradable we can still do it. Whether your computer is a laptop or a desktop/tower we can install the computer operating system on it that you know and love, Windows 7. Windows 8 has received the worst reception from the public of any prior version of Windows.  Most people find Windows 8 to be a strange and unusable operating system. They don’t like the start menu being removed. They don’t like the start screen, they do not like windows 8’s appearance compared to Windows 7 and they have absolutely no use for the Metro apps. Wicks PC repair agrees that Windows 8 has no place on a desktop/tower or laptop computer and we can down grade your new computer to Windows 7. Whether you’ve had your computer for several months now or you just got it, have us get rid of Windows 8 for you and put the ease of Windows 7 on your computer Today.

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