Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger

The Motorola Micro USB high-performance car charger is a requirement for anyone who is on the road. Through your vehicle power adapter you can talk and charge at the same time so your cell phone will stay charged while you are on the go. The sleek design of the charger will complement your phone as you power up directly from your vehicle’s adapter. The retention clip secures the cord giving this high performance car charger a clean appearance.

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Charger in vehicle (view larger).

Product Features
Works with most devices with a micro USB connector
Talk and Charge at the same time
Fully charges your phone in 2-3 hours
Guaranteed for over-voltage protection,
which helps protect the phone warranty
Illuminated LED Motorola logo when charging
Connection through the micro-USB port
Manufactured without any BFRs or PVC
Protection fuse serves as a backup by automatically resetting itself if cord is tripped

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