Lifestyle Accessory brand iPhone 5 Wall Charger set – Includes Universal 5 Watt Wall Power Adapter + 8 pin Lightning to USB 2.0 Charging Data Sync Cable for iPhone 5, iPhone 5G, iPod Touch 5, iPod Nano 7, iPad 4, and iPad Mini

This high quality Lifestyle Accessory set is white and includes (1) Lifestyle Accessory brand 5 Watt Wall Power Adapter with (1) 3' (1 meter) 8-pin Lightning to USB 2.0 charging data sync cable for charging your iPhone 5, iPhone 5G, iPod Touch 5, or iPod Nano 7 from a standard 110 volt AC wall outlet in your home or business. The Universal 5 watt USB Wall Power Adapter is equivalent to the ones sold by Apple in every way except price. This 5 watt model is designed for the lower charging power requirements of iPhones and iPods. It plugs into standard wall outlets in the United States and Canada, works on 110-240 volts 50/60Hz input power, and has an output of 5 volts DC at 1 amp (1000 mA). This set includes an 8-pin Lightning to USB charging data sync cable that is 3 foot (1 meter) long and is much higher quality than other brands and generic cables, and it plugs into the USB port on the back side of the wall power adapter. The lightning adapter on the end of the cable can be connected to your new iPhone 5, iPhone 5G, iPod Touch 5, or iPod Nano 7 to provide charging. You can also disconnect this cable from the wall power adapter and plug the USB end into your PC or Mac, and use it to provide both charging and data sync at the same time, and the cable can also be connected to many car charger adapters and other USB supported devices. PLEASE NOTE: You should select a 10 Watt Wall Charger Set if you are planning to charge iPads, including the iPad 4 and iPad Mini, and look for the "LA" logo as proof of authenticity.

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