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We Serve North West and Mid-North Indiana in all aspects of Computer Repair and Web Site Design and Hosting of Business and Personal Websites.

About the owner Brad Wicks           Since 1997 Brad has been in the IT business and performing work related to his 5 diplomas in Technology, that he received below.

2006: Received Bachelor of Science Information Technology Management from University of Phoenix

2003: Received  Professional Web Design Diploma from International Correspondence School

2000: Graduated from Oracle Centre of Applied TechnologyIT Graduate Program

1998: Received MCSE from International Correspondence School

1997: Received  Diploma as a PC Repair Technician from International Correspondence School

About Wicks PC Repair
I am a graduated Computer Hardware Tech: Since 1997 I have put together and completely built countless computers. I have built PC’s from every computer technology phase from 386’s to the quad core current technology of today. I purchase the new parts online and then build the PC.  I have also upgraded and repaired countless PC’s over the years. I also have over 17 years of experience in the setup, troubleshooting and usage of Microsoft Windows including every version from: Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista to Windows 7.  I also have been setting up and configuring every version of Microsoft Office released since 1997.  I have belonged to Microsoft TechNet for many years and I receive all of Microsoft’s latest software for testing form TechNet. I am also well versed in the administration of VMware computer hardware virtualization software.

About IndianaLists.com Web Design Services
 I have been doing Website Design for several years using Adobe’s Master Collection CS5 Website Design Software and have been making commercial websites during that time.  I am well versed in the use of Adobe Dream Weaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks Graphics Program and Adobe Flash Pro Builder. In 2010 I Designed and Launched my own Commercial Website Venture, it is a weather website called http://weatherforyourarea.com/. Also in 2010 I Founded a local News Website named Jasper County IN News. I am fluent in the use of the web coding programming languages of HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and SQL database.  I also design all of my own banner ads for the site as Flash and Gif files. I make multi page websites using WordPress CMS. I modify the CSS and images files of WordPress themes to make customs websites for my clients. I also hard code new divs into the sites to hold extra features and write my own div id’s and CSS rules to apply to them. I also make WordPress page content in Dreamweaver and paste it into WordPress’ code view. My websites conform to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and are fully SEO’ed (Search Engine Optimized).

Thanks for visiting Wicks PC Repair and considering having us to assist you in technology. I hope you enjoy browsing the rest of our site and/or call us at (765) 201-0412 to discuss having us do Computer Repair or Web design services for you.

Brad Wicks